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What We Do

For over 70+ years we have been in the real estate development and investment space. Our vision has always been to keep our integrity at the forefront of our operations, and to ensure safe yet challenging ventures.


Riceworks has been developing across the Greater Toronto Area since 1946. This is what our company is rooted in and is the foundation of our business' starting story.

We are currently developing sites to provide more needed space for the community of the Greater Toronto Area. Inquire about commercial and residential opportunities here.


Riceworks holds, and also continues to explore the value of adding real estate to our central pillar of business. We are always open to looking at property that is both aesthetically pleasing, but also property that is structurally sound and operates appropriately.

The mindset on real estate is that it is the essential of our business  - it is the pillar of consistency in our company


Our Riceworks Corp team focuses on a holistic approach for each property we manage. We take the time to understand each individual properties' market & community, while strategizing towards success in that space. 

We are currently running both commercial and residential properties in areas like Brampton and Innisfil.


We have a strong value of providing the best customer experience, and seating connection between them & Riceworks Corp management team is very important to us. We know that enjoying every minute of your time away is important, and we are happy to be there to make your experience 10/10.

Our current portfolio of luxury rentals will bring you to Costa Rica or Mexico.


We see and understand how much strength and collaboration it takes to run a community - and we make it our goal each and every year to give back to those communities who are in need.

Every year we aim to support not only our local community (the GTA), but also in areas outside of our neighbours. We love bringing learning and awareness to those who are not privy to the happenings in the world - and we focus on spreading support for different causes to do so.

The Rice Story

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