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Jeff Rice started his first day at Rice Development in 1988, and his job was to help support his father, Maxwell Claude Rice, and his brothers Rod and Dave in the expansion of the business that his father had once created. Together, they grew Rice Development through developing and building residential high, mid and low rise buildings.

When Max Rice passed, Jeff, Dave and Rod all placed focus on holding true to their father's life work. A dynamic and trivial time, the three leaders 
navigated many challenges in the real estate world throughout the years.

Jeff was integral in the management of the properties, as well as the development of new and future properties for Rice Development. Looking over a team of individuals at the company, Jeff always found success in day-to-day operations and also in investments for the growth and prosperity of Rice.

In 2010, Jeff Rice made the decision to embark on a journey on his own, leaving Rice Development and stepping into what is now known as Riceworks Corp. Since then, Jeff began looking for ways to diversify and expand the already strong portfolio he held. Over the years he has grown the business with patience, care and integrity, and he now places focus on running the management side and looking for new and interesting opportunities that make their way to his desk.

Since his daughter Lindsay started in the company in 2017, they two have set their eyes on development & investment expansion, and solidifying their focus and fluidity in the ever-changing real estate & investment world. They have both grown the philanthropy arm of Riceworks Corp, finding a real joy in supporting the community and getting hands-on with real world issues.

Jeff is very passionate about finding opportunities that excite him - not only in finding something aesthetically pleasing, but also an opportunity that simply makes sense. He is laser focused on business, enjoying it in his professional life, and also in his personal life - finding it a passion that lives with him daily. Jeff enjoys the summer months in Canada playing his favourite sport that he has loved since a child; golf. He also much enjoys getting down south for the winter months and getting out on the water.



Lindsay Rice has always been a big picture thinker. From a young age, as the younger sister of two, she always knew that she would be a part of something monumental - a way to make a mark in the world, and a way to make change.

When she decided to join her father at Riceworks Corporation, she also committed to a bigger vision. Immediately she began to expand on ideas her father was holding, to further the success of the business and to bring more growth to Riceworks and to themselves as individuals.

Lindsay first started her career within the automotive industry, expanding on a passion she always held towards motor vehicles and race cars. Lindsay worked with professionals within automotive sales at McLaren, corporately at Porsche Cars Canada, and with race teams in Porsche GT3 Cup Canada. At age 23, she opened her own racing team and raced professionally for 5 years under the name Rice Racing, competing in Audi and Porsche cars across the country + in the United States.

Since 2017, Lindsay Rice has become an integral part of Riceworks Corp, by integrating new collaborations, managing the Riceworks portfolio, networking, and overall strategy. Lindsay is pushing the threshold of the company into larger expansion, and working to stay up to date on opportunities in the business world.

Lindsay is the head and direction of Rice Philanthropy, a division of Riceworks Corp that focuses solely on giving back to the community & the people. She is extremely passionate about getting involved with ocean conservation and helping ocean giants lively freely, without harm. Lindsay sits on the board of Marine Megafauna Foundation Canada, providing support in fundraising and projects within Canada as well as worldwide. 

Lindsay introduced the vacation rental arm of Riceworks Corporation, which sprouted from her love for travel and hospitality - and the finer things in life.

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Who We Are

At Riceworks, we are proud of our history and the remarkable moments that brought us to where we are today. Since our inception, we have maintained a team of visionaries and individuals who are committed to a better future. 

Operations Team

Our History

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Our story started with a dream... 

A dream of Maxwell Claude Rice.

"My father,  the founder of Rice Construction, started building one house at a time in Toronto in the 1950s. A man of great perseverance and imagination, he then focused his attention on Brampton, a town of only thousands back then. He started his development in the 1960s in Brampton, in residential, commercial, and office industrial space. The next 60 years his product was everywhere with expansions to Innisfil in the North and Whitby in the East.  His prize achievements was expansion to large projects in quality retirement living and care. 


A leader in a construction family and a leader in the community.  He humbly accepted awards of Businessman of the Year and Man of the Year in various communities. While strongly supporting his area hospitals and church, he rounded out a great life "

- Jeff Rice

When Max was young, he his siblings would dream up different business ideas. Being the youngest of 5 children, he was determined to find something that clicked - and one day it did. Along with two of his brothers, Lou and Tom, Max Rice began to dip his toes into real estate and building. Many years later, the three brothers would find success in not only the residential sector, but also in the office and commercial space. Rice Construction was booming and it was all because of these three minds that came together with a greater vision.

A man of distinguished nature, and a powerhouse of energy, Max expanded his reach across Brampton, Innisfil and Ontario. Many projects were successful - and in later years Max had his three sons join him in the Rice family business. His three sons Rod, Dave, and Jeff, worked alongside their father for many years. In this time they all created a strong portfolio, always doing their best to catch the market in its highs, and understand it in its trying times. 

While building his business, Max was always giving back to the community - and he became a household name in Brampton. He supported in many different ways, from charitable donations to support of his friends and colleagues in and around the GTA.

In 2006 Max Rice passed away at  the age of 84. The years following, Brampton Civic Hospital honoured him, and gave great respect to the Rice family by naming their lobby after Max; now known as the Maxwell C. Rice Lobby. Shortly after, the City of Brampton named the Max and Lois Rice Park in Brampton after both Max and his incredible wife Lois.

Max is remembered as an incredible businessman and a caring man. Although tough on the outside and in the business world, he was an extremely generous and caring brother, friend, father, husband, and grandfather.

In 2009, when Jeff made the decision to run his business independently, he welcomed new and exciting business endeavours that he hadn't explored before - including private investment and lending. Shortly after his move to create Riceworks Corporation, Jeff soon had his daughter Lindsay Rice under his wing to help take on important work at Rice.

Over the years, Lindsay proved her determination through helping her father to continue to build the business and think outside of the box with new and important areas of work. The two now hold onto their family legacy, and celebrate their beginnings often with remembrance of the hard work that was put in by their loved ones, especially Jeff's father and Lindsay's grandfather, Maxwell Rice.


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